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Registered Teams:

Team Name
Newbie A Player
Roll That
Pull the String
Dynamic Duo
B Team
Gambling Js
Better Choice
Wright as Rain
Bag Whisperers
What Bags?
GandG Baggers
Leaky Thumbs
Big Tex Baggerz
Matrix of Oz
AirMail Express
T4M Apparel
Wild Bags
CandB Baggerd
Sleepers 2.0
Corn Dawgs
Sandbagging Avian Flick
Hole Humpers
The Surprenants
The Real Deal
Quadruple Penetration
The 2 Yutes
Backdoor Knockers
Last Call
We so Corny
455 Cajuns
We Dem BrosC
Tech Baggers
Knabe Woodwork
T Baggers
Find the Hole
T and B
Bye Week
Popped your cornhole
Goose Eggs
Ragin Cajun
Your Hole is my Goal
Under Dawgs
Dos Amigos
The Berlin Wall
Hole Bangers
Corn Fritters
Corn Stars
Work in Progress
Whoops Wrong Hole
Making Bags Great Again
Pinto Beans and White Rice
Prestige Worldwide
The Cornadoes
Game of Throws
Texas Baby Baggers

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